Purification Music

Davi – Leikha & (ex. Killing Me Inside)


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Davi – Leikha & (ex. Killing Me Inside)

5B Prototype, perfect round tip with two tone (Black/White) coating
finish. This drumsticks is well balanced and produce a solid sound
with a controlled over-tones. Best for rock playing.

There is so many drummer who wants to be the center of attention on
stage.. Just like the signature bearer of this drumsticks. Davi
frisya, known for his gig with Killing Me Inside. He made his
signature drumstick to boost confidence and easy to catch by the
audience. This two tone drumsticks is excellent for “stick-spinning”,
thanks to the white coated finish on the grip side. Medium grip, solid
taper with perfect round tip make this drumstick feels smooth on the

NameDavi Frisya
Band NameLeikha
Tip ShapesRock Ball
Basic MaterialPremium Forest Wood
ColorBlack And White (2011)
White (2012)
In Size
Length16.69'' (42.4cm)
Diameter0.629'' (1.6cm)